Join the CCO Board of Directors

Join the CCO Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is seeking new directors to fill current and anticipated vacancies.

General Responsibilities:

In accordance with the general responsibilities of non-profit boards of directors, the primary responsibilities of the CCO Directors are three-fold:

  • To give the organization direction and establish its vision, mission and values;
  • To provide oversight, especially in financial matters, to ensure accountability;
  • To support the organization by seeking the resources (people, money, other) it needs to accomplish its mission.
Key Requirements:

Potential Directors should be practicing Christians, prepared to sign the CCO Statement of Faith and have:

  • an understanding of the CCO Mission/Vision and Values;
  • management, administrative, financial or other experience in dealing with people and organizations in a service provider-client centered environment;
  • the capacity to invest personal time averaging 4-5 hours a month.

Those interested in joining the CCO Board of Directors should forward a resume outlining their qualifications to the attention of the Board Chair, Dennis Nazarenko, at