Information for Sponsors

Do you know someone who cannot afford the counselling they need? Here's how you can help!

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Churches & Groups

Churches and groups can sponsor individual clients.  Here are a few things to consider before contacting us:

How much support is (or could be made) available?

Sponsored sessions are charged out at the CCO minimum fee.  Churches considering sponsoring clients may want to consider whether they will agree to pay the entire fee or a portion thereof.  The difference between the minimum fee and the sponsorship would normally be paid by the client.

Does your organization impose a maximum number of sessions or a total dollar amount beyond which it would no longer be able to support the individual?

Who will receive the invoice and be responsible for payment?

Sponsoring churches or groups are normally billed for their portion of the fee on a monthly basis (clients would be expected to pay their portion at the beginning or end of each session).  Invoices are sent out monthly and include the net fee for all sessions provided within that month.  Confidentiality is protected; client's personal information does not appear on the invoice.

Individual Sponsors

Individuals can sponsor specific clients by agreeing to pay the difference between what the client can afford and the minimum fee.  We encourage individuals to consider the same questions as those listed for Churches and Groups before contacting us.

Please Note: Special Consideration

A sponsorship is not the same as a donation.  While individuals are free to sponsor a specific client, under Canada Revenue Agency rules, directing dollars to support a specific individual is not a donation.  Consequently, while a donation to the Subsidy Fund does qualify for a charitable tax receipt, sponsoring a particular individual does not.

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