Mental Health Challenge of the Month

By Megann Wall

Did you know there are different kinds of rest?

In 2017, Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. published her novel Sacred Rest, in which she calls attention to seven different types of rest and how “one size does not fit all when it comes to rest”. She writes, “Everything you do draws from a different pool of energy. The best rest occurs when you revive the specific kinds of energy you regularly deplete.”

Creative Rest: Rest to motivate and inspire

Mental Rest: Rest for focusing on the important things in life

Physical Rest: Rest for your precious body to heal and ease

Social Rest: Rest to cherish and enhance relationships

Emotional Rest: Rest to express your deepest feelings and inner-genuinity

Sensory Rest: Rest to quiet the background noise

Spiritual Rest: Rest to connect with the unseen and to feel part of something   bigger

Although now platitudinous, we all know this pandemic has made a challenging season nearly an unconquerable barrier. Over and over in the Bible and in our own lives, we see God highlighting rest for renewal, peace and purpose.

This month, we challenge you to set aside some time – your decision on how often and when – and take personalized, conscious, intentional rest to be rejuvenated.For more self care tips, you can visit

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