CCO: The Beginnings

By Megann Wall

This year we celebrate CCO’s 43rd anniversary, but its origins began in Roger Moyer’s heart long before. As a teenager, Moyer had an interest in counselling and a fervor for giving his friends advice. Even into adulthood, as he went on to pursue degrees and held various jobs, his heart remained for counselling. When Roger and his wife Diane wound up in Ottawa, initially Roger was an Associate Pastor at Central Alliance Church (which became Cedarview Alliance Church and Eastgate Alliance Church). He left in 1978 to start the Ottawa Christian Counselling Service Association in the church basement of Westboro United. From there, God took the reigns; more staff came on board and donors began donating.

Looking back at the decades, the Moyers recall God as mysterious as He wove Roger’s childhood desires into reality, but now see His presence at every juncture. At countless times, finances were taken care of and people were led to donate or join their staff. To them, the most rewarding part of this journey is to have been able to offer a safe place for those in need of a mental refuge, as well as having had the opportunity to speak into others’ lives. When people are given the opportunity to be heard, helped and understood, “[they] can do really good things.” says Roger.

Now retired, the married couple humbly revolve their lives around simpler and quieter things: their church, their friends, and their ever-growing family.

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