Teen Skills & Support Group (online)

  • Counselling and support groups via Zoom for co-ed youth (12-14 & 15-17)
  • Thursday evenings from 6 – 7:30 pm for 10 weeks.
  • Thursday, September 22 to Thursday November 24
  • Cost is $500 per person
  • Group discount for six+ participants from any participating church or organization.
  • Apply online to register at christiancounsellingottawa.ca or text MORE INFO to 613-909-3181 for more information.
  • Limited spaces are available

Facilitated by CRPO Registered Psychotherapists and interns specializing in youth therapy, led by Brandi Spruit.

The goal is to provide a safe space for young people in our region to participate in group counselling tailored to their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs; to access support, share experiences, remove isolation, and create connections with peers who are facing similar challenges. In essence, to know that they are not alone! This group will help address the unique pressures of the pandemic on youth mental health. Participants will explore skills and strategies to foster wellness into the future.

The group itself will identify what they would like to learn and talk about throughout the process. Possible topics will include communication, feelings, needs and development, expectations and experiences, conflict resolution, relationships, resiliency, fears, hopes for the future, faith, grief, and acceptance. A careful screening will ensure that all applicants will be best served by being a part of the group, or otherwise will be supported in next steps.

Our hope is that this informative and interactive group will provide a safe platform for youth to express themselves, create connections, increase confidence, self-compassion, gain skills and knowledge that will help them move toward improved mood, daily functioning, and close relationships.