Our Approach To Care

Our Approach To Care

Christian Counselling

We acknowledge that the words Christian and Counselling hold different meanings for different people. Christian counselling, as intended within the Christian Counselling (CCO) context is professional counselling, denoting graduate level academic training and adherence to the high standards of a professional association of psychotherapists. In addition, CCO therapists have a personal faith and hope in Jesus Christ and recognize that human nature is deeply spiritual. The counsellors’ personal beliefs and value systems rest upon the historical, orthodox rudiments of Christian teaching and at hiring, each counsellor indicates his/her adherence to our Statement of Faith.

Counsellors draw upon their skills and resources derived from their education, training, and professional experience and are careful not to use interventions that would contradict the clear intention of Biblical precepts.

Though never imposed, prayer and the discussion of Scripture and Biblical concepts may be used in the counselling process. Recognizing that client’s needs and expressions of faith are diverse, clients are asked to indicate their expectations about the integration of their faith into the therapeutic context prior to beginning the process.

Counsellors pray individually and collectively (without naming clients) outside of sessions. The ministry is upheld by prayer partners, who pray for the needs of the agency as well as certain anonymous client situations.

The Christian counsellor may be described as a specially gifted co-worker or collaborator with the Creator in the reconstructive work He is doing in the lives of people who are wounded or distressed.